A Brief History of Staz

Staz retired herself from Corporate IT on March 20th, 2017; she spent close to 20 years developing software.  Her heart was always with food; she always knew that one day she was to retire cooking. 

Street Stix, her first foodie adventure, was a Greek inspired food truck that gained huge popularity in the Atlanta and Athens areas. In order to support the food truck Staz built her own commercial kitchen to soon discover that the labor-intensive demands of running a food truck were beyond her physical abilities; the food truck was sold and the kitchen equipped with a vent hood and cooking appliances; Koyzina Staz was born.  Now Staz spends her days making pita breads, pita chips and specialty Greek desserts all individually handcrafted from her own recipes.  Her recipes have been inspired by Eastern Greek cooking where she learned to cook at a very early age on the island of Mytilene (also known as Lesvos).  Eastern Greek food is known for colorful layers of flavor just as it’s people

When Staz is not cooking you can find her on her motorcycles either up in the Georgia mountains or at some racetrack


KOUZINA STAZ, the little Greek kitchen under the big Maxeys starz!

Staz’ little Greek kitchen sits on 31 acres in the middle of the Oconee National Forest.  Tucked away in the woods Staz brings everything handcrafted individually using old school recipes and methods




The Little Greek Kitchen under the Big Maxeys Starz

  • Maxeys GA 30671
  • anastasia@kouzinastaz.com
  • (678) 549-8042